Stocking your craft room: Sewing supplies

Friday, November 16, 2012

This week, I received this question on Formspring:
I'm looking to stock my future craft room in the next few weeks and was wondering if you have a list of go to supplies and tools.
I've collected a lot of craft supplies in the last few years, so I thought I'd start small with a list of my go-to sewing supplies. Maybe of you are planning to take up sewing and might want to add these to your Christmas list? Just a thought. :) So here are my go-to supplies that I use almost every time I sew. Take them or leave them... these are just some of my favorites! (Make sure you click on the links to see what I recommend.)

Pins - I use pins every time I sew and like these. A pin cushion or magnetic pin plate is also helpful to keep the pins off the floor and in one place. Or, if you're feeling crafty, hot glue a few magnets to the bottom of a small saucer and use that for your pins. That's what I use, and it works beautifully.
Scissors - A few good pairs of scissors are really important, but as you're starting out, there are two that I'd most highly recommend: a pair of dressmaker's shears (the big scissors you can use for large cuts) and a small pair like this one to snip threads. I'm partial to the Gingher brand because they're what my grandma uses, what I use, and if you use them only on fabric, they stay sharp forever. I also really love this pair for cutting small bits of fabric. In addition, I'd recommend getting a pair of pinking shears to prevent fraying for certain projects.
Iron and ironing board - You can't sew without an iron! I love this iron and wholeheartedly recommend it!
Fabric - Obviously. :) Here are some top places I love to shop for fabric:
Hawthorne Threads
Drygoods Design Online
Some of my favorite fabric designers include Amy Butler, Tina Givens, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, and Heather Bailey.
A sewing machine - I have two. This Brother machine was my first real machine we purchased and served me very well for hundreds of purses. More recently, we purchased this Brother machine and love its speed. It doesn't have many bells and whistles (not even a zigzag stitch) but is incredibly sturdy and reliable.
Hand sewing needles - Any work fine. I don't really have a preference.
Thread - This Sulky kind is my favorite, but also love anything made by Gutermann.
Sewing machine needles - Schmetz brand is my favorite.
Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler - I have this one and love it. My sewing improved by leaps and bounds when I started cutting with a rotary cutter and measuring each and every cut. Making precise cuts will make your work so much cleaner and more professional looking.
Circle cutter - If you quilt or have to cut circles frequently, this is a great investment.

I hope that helps inspire some of you to take the plunge and start sewing! There are so many tutorials out there (just search Pinterest for starters) that can really take you far when it comes to beginning sewing.

Anything I left out? What are your favorite sewing supplies? 


  1. Soooo helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Quite a few sewers I know have the Brother PC-420. I too have been eyeing. I have two machines set up and a few more machines need servicing. Four (4) new cutting mats are on my list too :)

  3. oh my goodness, i really *need* that circle cutter... i've been cutting out circles for yoyos by hand & i have 350 that need to be done. on my christmas list!

  4. Yes, seriously helpful! I'm close to buying a sewing machine for the little things here/there. I'll be consulting your list for certain!

  5. Thank you so much! Such a great help!

  6. Question- I have that same rotary cutter and have issues with the blades getting nicked and dull very quickly. Any advice?

  7. Hi Whitney! Just want to ask the model of your brother sewing machine?
    Thanks :)

    1. I have this one:

      And this one:

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  9. My favorite sewing supplies are:
    Clover brand needle threader (comes in handy threading sewing needles & can even use it to thread through machine.

    Thimbles & tape measure

    I have a pair of vintage electric scissors with case(from the 70's), I just love using when I need to cut a bunch of things out at once, saves the fingers.

    Fold up catcher buckets, I use them for catching sewing thread and holding balls of my yarn while crocheting.

    For those like me who make clothes etc, our must have sewing machine attachments that cut down on extra work like having to manually pin a seam.

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