Family Christmas

Monday, December 31, 2012

{Christmas morning}

So excited to open presents. Obviously.
{The Tunney family}
Meeting her nephew for the first time

Needless to say, this Christmas was all about babies. Considering we added 2 to the family in 2012, it made sense. It was chaotic, loud, messy, and so, so sweet. I adore this growing family of ours.


  1. The pics are so amazing..

  2. beautiful family,happy new year whitney

  3. What a special and blessed Christmas you had! Great photos! :)

  4. Beautiful. Love the photos of Liam in the green stripes. Happy New Year, friend!

  5. Awesome pics. God bless n a happy new year..!

  6. Lovely pictures- great memories for sure!
    Love your little rollie pollie :)

    Best Wishes,
    Manda from Eat Cake


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