Sandy Hook.

Friday, December 14, 2012

This morning, as Liam and I sat in a beautiful commissioning service for this semester's graduating Belmont nurses, an unthinkable tragedy was happening about a thousand miles away. As I heard prayers said and watched the proud new graduates cross the stage, children were huddled into classrooms hearing gunshots, hearts pounding with fear, evil running wild in the halls of an elementary school. I don't even want to imagine the scene.

The tragedy has gripped me today as it's the first I've experienced - from a distance, of course - as a mom. In other school shootings, I've felt more numb than raw. Today, it's just the opposite. To hear the words "18 children pronounced dead at the scene" and to put myself in those parents' shoes is just unthinkable.

As I rock Liam a little longer tonight, I offer up prayers for the parents of these sweet, innocent kids who had no idea what today would hold. Tomorrow will be hard. Christmas might be harder.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.


  1. Just "blogged" about the same thing.
    Although, I hardly had any words to use.

    The School is 20 minutes from us, and while I was at work with little Jeremiah today- my heart broke in two for these Families.

    Thankful for a God so much bigger than this.

    Eat Cake

  2. My eyes and head hurt from crying so much today! I love how you ended your post, with "come, Jesus, come." My head translated it to Christmas with "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." It is so sad, and I am grateful for the Hope that comes through Christ. Praying for those parents right along with you.

  3. Come Lord Jesus, indeed. Oh how I long to see our Savior's face. As a new momma too, my heart has been hurting and heavy all day long. I greatly enjoy your blog!

  4. It is hard to explain to someone who does not have a your perspective changes from that of being an adult with no child to being an adult with a child/ren: during a horrific thing such as this. I have now lived through a tragedy like this with an infant, toddler age...and now 5 and 7 year old child of my own. It was so much easier for me to imagine my own child being there because they are the same age as those who lost their lives. And THAT is so much harder to deal with!! My first thought was to go get my son at school!! I had to shove down that desire...

    I too, enjoy your blog :) It is wonderful to read a fellow born again believer's blog!


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