Then and now.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I had a feeling Liam would become my little sewing buddy by necessity, but had no way of knowing just how much he wants to be held all the time. He can be kicking and screaming, his face beet red and fists clenched tight, and the moment he's picked up, he's perfectly calm and relaxed again. I'm feeling so thankful for our two carriers (this one and this one) because they allow me to get something done and cuddle him all at once. 

I just can't help but look at these photos and think... what a difference a few months makes.


  1. aw, i love the two pictures side by side! too cute! :)

  2. very cute!both pictures, because it is something you cherish, something so special! without baby and with is such a difference!God bless your family, enjoy Christmas preparations :)

  3. HA! I was paying such close attention to the things on your sewing table that it took me a really long time to notice the belly/baby. Blame it on the crazy "newborn brain!!" Haha!

    1. Hahaha... "So her scissors are closed in one picture, and open in the next. What a difference a few months makes!" :)


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