3 months with Liam.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our sweet Liam, 

What a happy, easy going little man you are! You'll gladly be passed around a table (and spit up on most everyone along the way), and you're especially happy when you realize you're back with your mom and dad. You've been making it more obvious that you know who we are, and it makes our day when you "choose" us.

I'm so thankful that you'll sleep anywhere... your carseat, your playmat, the carrier while we walk at Radnor, mom's arms, your crib. You're learning to be a flexible guy, just as we'd hoped. You're just starting to roll from your belly to your back, and you're so proud of yourself when you do it.  (I'm sure the cheering doesn't hurt.) This month, you loved skyping with your Gramma and Grampa in Germany and Gigi in Ohio, visiting the nursing mothers' room every Sunday at church, practicing standing on our legs, and spending some time with Mimi and Poppy while Mommy went back to work. 

We realize more and more every day that you were made to fit our family so perfectly. What a gift you are.

Love you to the moon,


  1. I love your milestone posts, Whitney, so cute. Liam's chub and dimples are adorable - what a squeezable little man!

  2. Oh my goodness. How cute. I love reading your blog, just a few years behind you (I am a newlywed of one month!). It is so precious to read of where the Lord has taken y'all, and to daydream of our future! :)

    1. Congrats on one month! Enjoy newlywed life!! :)

  3. I love him. Bring him to Chicago. Come on. It'll be breezy.

  4. He is absolutely precious, Whitney! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord! :)

  5. He looks so big! So cute.

  6. not sure I can stay away much longer.....

  7. that last picture made me laugh big! what a cutie pie!


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