Liam, meet 70 degrees.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If you look really close at the reflection in his eyes, you can see me straddling over him to take the photo. :)
70 degrees in January, no less!

When we got home from grocery shopping last week, the sunny skies beckoned us outside for a chance to breathe the fresh, warm country air. This is not typical of winter here, but we will take it.

Liam's nose crinkled as the wind blew across his face and he didn't smile much, but I have a feeling he was just taking it all in. More warm days are coming, son.


  1. So much adventure and life sparkle through his eyes!

  2. He is so precious... I always love to see new pictures of your sweet boy! :)

  3. Crazy beautiful eyes.
    He's a lucky boy!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  4. Eat that boy up!! What a precious guy!

  5. Such sweet pictures! In the past few weeks, it's gotten in the 30s here in Texas...jealous of your warm weather :) -Courtney


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