4 months with Liam.


  1. Your little boy is just adorable! Seeing posts about Liam always makes me smile! It's such a blessing to see parents so much in love with their little one! God bless you and your family! Leilani

  2. He has grown! Nora screamed during a nap last week. She had gotten her leg in between the crib rails and couldn't maneuver her foot to get it out. Hope L & N can have a play date soon :).

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    1. I mean, he's a gift aside from his cuteness... That could come across wring.

  4. Omg..Liam is soo cute..i chk our blog regularly, just so that i get a glimpse of ur little one.

  5. it looks like my onesie with "1 yr" will NOT be working out so well. maybe i could write "not yet..." before it?

    1. Hahaha that might be a good idea... this one he's wearing is already a 12 month size!

  6. You little guy is seriously getting cuter every month!! Love these monthly updates :)
    And even more so because my little man is almost the same age. So funny to see the similarities and differences.



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