5 months with Liam.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Liam love, 

I think I say it every month... but this month was even more wonderful than the last! (Is this how it goes?) We took our first road trip to Ohio to see your Gigi and your auntie and cousins, and you were a dream. I really hoped you'd be a flexible, go-with-the-flow baby, and you've been exactly that so far. Thank you! You grow more curious every day, exploring the world as you scoot on your belly and grab anything in sight to put it straight in your mouth. You're loving your feet, too, as you can see. :)

You're becoming my little buddy, so content to sit on my lap during dinner (if you're not trying to grab my plate) and drink in the world. We're in no rush to start solid foods yet, but will in another month or so. My favorite time of day with you is still the morning, when we often read Scripture together and pray. I love placing my hands on your warm, fuzzy head and praying for you with the hope that someday you'll understand the lavish love Jesus has for you - and how much greater it is than anything I will ever have. 

I love you, little buddy,



  1. i'd say yes to each month being better than the last. i've got four sweeties (6y-20m), and although i lament the passing stages, i rejoice in the fact that i get to see them grow and grow each day (and... sometimes have a few steps back).
    what a cutie!!!

  2. Liam has the cutest smile ever!

  3. Yes! It definitely get more and more wonderful each month. I remember a friend told me that when Kayleigh was a newborn, and I thought she was crazy. How could the "Terrible Twos" be more wonderful than snuggling this precious, pink and wrinkly little bundle that smelled so good and felt so wonderful wrapped in my arms? I quickly realized that she was right. Every stage is so much fun, and as they grow and become little people all their own, it blows you away. I love watching Kayleigh dance to music and get on her tippy toes to see what I'm making in the kitchen. I love her sweet, caring heart and the way she gets on the floor to pat her baby friend when my 7 month old goddaughter is visiting. The first time Liam gives you a kiss, your heart will melt. Each month is so much fun :)



  4. Okay seriously, that boy just gets cuter and cuter. I love all the photos but my espically favourites are the first one and the one where hes playing with his feet. He is so cute!!! You're very lucky.


  5. Happy 5 months Liam. You bring us so much joy, even from across the ocean. Your Mom is amazing to keep us in touch with you (oh, and with them too :-) ) You remind us so much of your Daddy when he was a baby! Your laugh is contagious and I know your Mom would say it makes up for the crying times. We pray for you every day, more than once a day! And praying, like your Mom and Dad, that you will come to know Jesus when you are very young. Love you, Gramma and Grammpa

  6. So precious. Love this little guy, and how you love him. Thank you for sharing this with us; so precious. I want to be a mom like you someday! <3

  7. He is too cute! And that little man shirt is adorable.

    Love your sweet blog! I just recently started following, and love your outlook on life. It's also fun to see your perspective on being a new momma!

  8. Oh, that smile of his. You are such a wonderful mom. You remind me what really is important.

  9. Love that photo of Liam looking at his feet! My little guy is four months and is just starting to notice his :)

  10. What a cutie, and a great sleeper!

  11. The chubbs! It's just fantastic.


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