Evolution of a photo shoot.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm telling you... this guy better be in the mood for a photo shoot, because if he isn't, things go south pretty quickly.

Our impromptu shoot started out just fine, but I didn't love the messy background. So we moved near the front door for some natural light.
Ok then! :)

As you can see, we went from semi-happy to altogether miserable in about 5 seconds. My favorite is the middle photo where he's looking at me through his tears, as if to say, "Mom, are you serious?!" How do they already have so much personality?

I tried to flip him over on his back - maybe that would help?
Then again, I guess not.

Poor guy. I subjected him to what looks to be the most miserable photo shoot ever. But hey! It was funny and cute. And he started smiling and giggling about 30 seconds later as soon as I picked him up.

In other news, while my mom was over today, he started to crawl! I know... he's not even 5 months. But he got up briefly on his hands and knees, lunged forward, then started over and did it a couple more times. He moved a couple feet as we watched in disbelief. TOO SOON!


  1. that's hysterical!
    AND crawling...I tell you, he's a Newbyboy, he's headed for the fridge! :-)

  2. You still got some cute shoots of his little facial expressions and personality! We tried to do a newborn photo shoot with my two-week old a few days ago, except he decided to boycott sleep the entire time and squirm and cry instead. I felt so bad for the photographer! And then, of course, he slept all afternoon after she left. :)

  3. Adorable!! Love the real photos!

  4. OMG. I love him. Haha. These are awesome whit.


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