7 months with Liam.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We can't believe we have a 7 month old! Looking at your face in this picture, you can't believe it either!

This month has been so full: a trip to Florida, an exhausting garage sale weekend, and this week... your first move. You've been a dream through it all, and we have no doubt you'll transition well through our crazy summer. You were made for our adventures, I'm sure of it.

I'm pretty sure you get sweeter every day. We love how you reach for us now, how you crawl with a huge grin on your face toward our arms, and how your smile lights up the room.

We love you, little man. What a privilege to call you ours!


  1. I cannot believe your little Liam is 7 months already. He is absolutely beautiful, Whitney!

  2. It was so fun/sad to watch him HATE the cold water :) Sorry little man. :) Love, Aunt Ash and Uncle Mase

  3. Love seeing him "eat" the whale stuffed animal. Definitely a picture of Liam at 7 months - everything in his mouth to satisfy his ever-growing curiosity. He's such a joy!

  4. Precious pictures. Get some without socks. I love toe pictures.

  5. such beautiful photos. Look at how his eyes stand out...I think that's one of his colors! He's just precious!

  6. Adorable, I love his dimples!


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