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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's not every day I can say "I taught military spouses to make earrings." Ha. But one morning last week at my parents' house, I had the privilege of doing just that.

It's kind of a long story as to how it happened - and how we didn't realize until the day before that it wasn't just military wives that would be attending, but military husbands. Impressively, the husbands did a fabulous job designing and making the earrings for their wives, and they had the best attitude about it. The mood was light and we followed the craft time with a delicious lunch and some time to get to know one another.

I guess what I came away with the most was more awareness and appreciation for what they do. Because honestly, I don't even think about it every day. The next time I hear news about our troops serving overseas, I'll see these faces in my mind. I'll hear their stories. I'll remember how many times they've moved, how many days it's been since they've seen their loved ones, and just how much they sacrifice every single day on our country's behalf. On my behalf. For freedom. And I might also remember the big burly man with his hands curled around jewelry pliers. :)


  1. So sweet, Whitney! I'm an Army wife, and it's always so nice to hear about support from people outside of the community. This is also a great idea! :-)

  2. While I am NOT an army wife, I do have 2 bil's who are in the military full time and a very good friend. It was so hard on my sil's to be alone for that year. I KNOW they would have loved something like this :) I'm sure you could probably find some military folks in your own area who would like this as well. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. My cousin serves in the Australian Army (I'm an aussie) and he has been serving in Afghanistan for almost 9 months, he is 20 and he comes home next month. It's been a long time and everyone is anxious to see him home safe, you never think about it much until your a part of it or see the insides of it - so I understand what you said. But once you know what it feels like or you see the people who live with it you never forget it. I know whenever we hear something about Afghanistan on the news goosebumps cover our arms and our hearts beat a little faster, I can only remember what it's like for my aunt and cousins (mother and siblings) Great post again Whitney!

    P.S: that boy of yours is getting more cute everyday! :)

  4. Love this Whitney! As an Army wife, it really is nice to see things like this! I would have loved to have been there :)

  5. That is awesome... period! I am a soon-to-be military wife (the wedding is in 70 days-- God willing that my fiancé comes home from his deployment safely in 66 days...) and I'm going to have to keep this in the back of my mind for something the squadron can do together. What a cool idea!

  6. Don't forget the military brats (kids! I am one!). They/We give up a lot of their childhood for the freedoms of our country.

  7. Don't forget the military brats (kids! I am one!). They/We give up a lot of their childhood for the freedoms of our country.


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