Sweet Grammaw.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We spent the last four days in sunny Florida, where we traveled to introduce our little guy to Shawn's extended family. We flew into Orlando and drove to both coasts to see different members of his family and had the sweetest visits with them.

Liam is nearly 7 months old and is pretty clingy to mom and dad these days. He'll smile at a thousand strangers if he's being held by one of us, but the moment he's passed to someone he doesn't know so well, his bottom lip comes out, he starts to cry, and he reaches for us again.

In light of that, we prayed for a miracle. Shawn's precious Grammaw is 88 years old and she's completely lost her vision. We don't know how many more visits we have with her, and this one - meeting her first great grandchild - was so important. So we'd prayed specifically that because Grammaw couldn't see Liam's sweet smile or big blue eyes from across the room, that Liam would allow her to hold him so she could smell his head and cuddle him. We knew it would mean the world.
God answered. I can't help but show you how unbelievable he was with her. He sat calmly in her arms, playing with her hands, looking up at her face, for at least half an hour - an incredible amount of time to sit still with anyone, let alone a woman he'd never met. Thank you, Jesus.

PS - We're so grateful for these photos and for the video taken with our phone, but we somehow left our real camera (with tons of pictures of Liam with Grammaw and other family members and our time at the beach) at the hotel. We've called and they haven't found it, but we're praying it turns up somewhere. I kind of can't think about what we've lost if it's gone.

UPDATE: The camera is found!!! It was turned in to the rental car company in Orlando and is being shipped back to us today. We could not be more thrilled!!!


  1. Oh I pray you find your camera. I lost my phone 2 months ago and --no lie-- wept over the hundreds of pictures and videos that I'd never get to see again. I hope yours turns up quickly!!!

    The pictures of Liam with your Grammaw are priceless- such sweet, sweet memories. :)

  2. very sweet moments! God bless your family!

  3. Awe...WONDERFUL!!! Lord dispatch angels to return the camera IJN! Indeed GOD CAN! :)

  4. Precious, precious, precious....the Lord hears the cries of our hearts. Thank you for sharing the pictures, some of my most treasured earthly possessions are the pictures I have with my Grandpa - he died before I was a year old, but I am told I simply adored him.

  5. Saw your post yesterday and was praying you would find your camera-so I was thrilled and so grateful to the Almighty to see your update!!That is so amazing!

  6. What a precious time! I'm so glad that he sat contentedly with his Grammaw. I'm sure her heart was just overflowing. What a gift!

    And PRAISE THE LORD for returning your camera!!! I can't imagine the panic you must have felt! So thankful it is being returned to you.

    On another note, my 19 month old Kayleigh was sitting with me when I clicked the video, and she absolutely loved watching Liam! As soon as the video was over, she pointed to the other video of him on Vimeo where he's wearing the striped shirt. We watched it five times. Lol. She kept saying, "Hi, Liam! He's cute! I love you, baby!"

    I'm so excited that we're getting her a new baby to love on in December :) :) :) Now if only morning sickness would go away!!!

    <3 Bethany


    1. Ahh congrats, Bethany!!! That's SO exciting!!!

  7. I saw this in the morning, and I said a prayer for you guys. I am so excited to see that it was found! I love to hear how God answers the prayers of His people! :)

  8. What a wonderful blessing that Liam was so good for your grandma! And Praise the Lord that your camera has been found!

  9. Love how this post double applauds Gods answers to our prayers!! So thankful He always hears and answers!

  10. Congratulations on your camera! I love the kindness of strangers:)


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