Our Curious George.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Liam is officially 8 months old, though an official 8-month-old monthly post is yet to come because our big brown chair is hiding in the furthest back corner of our storage unit (so sad!). So for now... a few photos of our big 8-month-old who strangers guess is 14 months old and who is into everything. A lot of moms have warned me about this stage, saying, "Just wait until he's mobile..." with a furrowed brow and a sigh. But honestly, this stage is so much more fun for me than when he was sitting in one spot, needing toys and books and entertainment within his reach. I love that he can explore, can pull up, and is starting to cruise around the furniture. We've entered the stage of outlet guards, baby gates, and the like - but I am loving my little Curious George. And let's be honest... I'm loving his lack of knees, too. I think it's one of his best features. 


  1. In these photos, he looks SO much like you. I'm thinking baby-proofing is just around the corner for us too, but Isaac isn't quite there yet. ;)

  2. Aw. Look at how big he's getting! My almost six-month-old just figured out how to scoot around. Sure, I have to be more aware about what gets left on the floor, but he is SO much happier since he figured out how to get around. I love it.

  3. Aww he is so sweet, and pulling himself up to a stand already! My little boy is 7 months and I feel like we're coming in to such a fun stage! I know I'll have to be more mindful about picking up odds and ends, but I'm looking forward to when he starts to scoot or crawl around (we're not there quite yet).

  4. Too cute! I love seeing what a blessing this boy is to you and Shawn...


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