10 months with Liam.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Liam Worth,

A traditional monthly post just isn't possible this month with your big brown chair still in storage, but I at least wanted to document the day with a few pictures of you munching on grass in the backyard. It's a very typical look for you these days.

This month brought your first real illness. You had a nasty ear infection that scared us half to death. You were hot (103.2° at the doctor's office), listless, and just not yourself, and we happened to be away from your daddy on top of it all. Thankfully, we were back in Nashville, just minutes from your pediatrician, who brought calming words of "There's the problem" as soon as he looked in your left ear. He prescribed medicine and lots of extra naps and cuddles, and amazingly, you're back to your active self again with no apparent memory of the painful beginning of the week.

We've also had the challenge of teaching you "no" to biting me with your four sharp teeth while you nurse. It got so bad this week that we had to go back to pumping and bottle feeding for the time being. As much as I thought we'd gotten so good at nursing, it looks like we're back at square one in some ways, and that's ok. It's a healthy reminder for me that I can't take anything for granted. You're always growing and changing, and I want to grow and change right along with you. When I heal up and start to nurse you again, I want to take time to listen to your cues, look into your eyes, play with your hair, and let you know I'm fully focused on you, instead of checking my phone or reading or just being generally distracted. I know our nursing days will end soon, and I don't want to miss a minute.

A few things I love about you right now:
Hearing "Mama" over and over from your pack 'n' play first thing after you wake up
The way you light up seeing your Daddy on FaceTime (and in person, of course)
The way you love your Mimi and Poppy
Your spontaneous, unsolicited, very wet kisses
Your extra long fingers and toes
Your newly calloused knees
The way you're becoming my little buddy, sitting in the cart in stores and chatting up a storm

You're still the best thing ever. 

Happy 10 months!



  1. I am tempted to say it in every comment: he is precious. Also, Whitney! Your photography has continued to grow and develop so beautifully. I'm so impressed.

  2. Adorable child! God bless you all!
    You make wonderful entries about Liam.. so good memories.

  3. Love your post, love him, love you! :-) :-)

  4. Oh, he is so adorably precious!
    Tears sprung to my eyes when I read your desire to soak in these last days of nursing without other distractions. I remember that feeling! I didn't have a smartphone until last fall, and as Kayleigh and I neared the end of our breastfeeding story, I realized how many moments I was missing of just enjoying these precious last few days. I started leaving my phone in another room while I rocked and cuddled and thanked God for that time with her. It's been 5 months since I last nursed her (weaning had to come abruptly when Hyperemesis Gravidarum made it impossible for me to be able to nourish my growing baby inside, Kayleigh, and myself) and I miss that special time with her so much! I'm so excited and thankful to get to begin all over again with our precious new little on in December. (Who, for the record, will always be dressed in adorable polos and plaid shorts, just like Liam! That is my favorite look for little boys! So cute!)
    I hope he stops biting quickly so that you can get back to enjoying that time together! But seriously...ouch!

    <3 Bethany

  5. He is SO your child in that last one!

  6. The monthly post about Liam lightens-up my busy and tiring day.:)

  7. I've been reading over some of your blog posts, and wanted to thank you so much for sharing about all that God has done in your life! It's such an encouragement to hear your testimonies of His power in your lives. I pray God will bless you and draw you closer to Him!


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