5 more days.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Well hello! I haven't forgotten about this quiet little blog... it's just that life is happening so quickly these last few days.

I've been in the midst of
wrapping up orders from the shop
saying goodbyes
traveling to Raleigh and back
scouring Zillow for houses
hugging and kissing my boys
packing boxes

In some seasons of life, it's been natural to process what's going on in my mind and heart here on the blog. It was easy to pour out my heart during the first months of our marriage, our transition to Nashville, nursing school, and pregnancy.

But with this upcoming move, for some reason, it's felt more natural to process it quietly. To read and journal and pray. To talk with family and laugh and cry over what has been and what's coming.

Leaving Franklin has been more difficult than I'd imagined it would be. It will always be my hometown, especially because my parents are still here. But for some reason, leaving the place where Liam began has been harder than I expected.

Shawn has been patient with me and kind to remind me that though this transition is exciting on so many levels, we don't have to gloss over the fact that a chapter is closing and it's sad. This chapter was beautiful. It involved so many important milestones for us: a nursing degree, a faithful husband to put me through school, a tight knit family, a supportive church community, and the birth of a beautiful boy. It felt mundane on some days and miraculous on others.

And while I truly am excited to make Raleigh our home, I'm savoring each day this week as we say our goodbye-for-now's to our dear ones here in Tennessee.


  1. I understand how you're feeling- so much. I moved from Michigan to Connecticut & after 3 years, I'm still feeling a bit odd-placed.

    I'll be thinking of you & your boys as you move- and you, to have courage and strength in all aspects.

    Manda from Eat Cake

  2. I understand what you are saying Whitney, I made my first ever town move last year and I moved from the big city where I had spent 17 years to a small town where I felt like a fish out of water. While I love living in a smaller town now, it was extemely hard to transition and it still is hard to not get fusterated over being so isolated.

    It was hard leaving my home town but I knew that my life in this new one would be different, sometimes challenging and exciting and so far I haven't been wrong. Best of luck for your move!

    Danielle from Glitter Bug

  3. I am praying that the transition will be smooth, and that you and Shawn will look back in a couple of weeks/months/years an you will smile and say 'that's why God wanted us to do this'....

  4. Love you & so very excited for you guys. It is so sad to leave all those precious things/people/memories behind though- I can totally fathom that being hard. Praying for grace!


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