Gluten free in Raleigh.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ok, ok. I know we've officially been here for 5 days, but we've already gotten to experience some delicious gluten free food here in Raleigh that I can't help but share. (We made several trips to the area before moving here, so we haven't eaten at all these places in 5 days, don't worry.) We're lucky enough to have our brother and sister-in-law here in town who have already eaten their way through Raleigh and now they serve as our guides through Raleigh's impressive culinary scene. We'll take it.

Source: Escazu Chocolates
Escazu - This quaint artisan chocolate shop makes the top of the list because we're already regulars. I think we've been there at least 5 or 6 times. It's getting a little ridiculous how much we're there. It's a chocolate shop that roasts and grinds their own chocolate on antique grinders in the store, and their ice cream push pops are to die for. We choose the dairy free coconut chocolate push pop every time. These many, many five star reviews tell the truth. It really is that good.

Source: Goodnight Raleigh
Busy Bee Cafe - This one is located in downtown Raleigh, and while there isn't a separate gluten free menu, they are happy to accommodate a gluten free diet. They serve local, in-season, farm-to-table style foods with an always changing menu. We loved the rooftop deck on a summer night a couple weeks ago. Fresh and delicious.

Source: Shaba Shabu
Shaba Shabu - While we've only had take-out from here, their Pad Thai was delicious and gluten free.

Source: Lilly's Pizza
Lilly's Pizza - This local pizza place is in a great location near historic Five Points and has a fun local atmosphere with local art covering the walls. Their gluten free crust wasn't my favorite, but the toppings were delicious and the salads were surprisingly good.

Coquette Brasserie - In beautiful North Hills, Coquette serves traditional French cuisine and was happy to offer gluten free options. We had Sunday brunch there and the omelette with sage sausage and goat cheese was excellent. The atmosphere is hip and fancy, and would be perfect for a date night without the baby.

Source: The Bento Box
Last but not least, The Bento Box in Wilmington, NC was a new find for us today. We headed out to the beach, which is only 2 hours from us now (yeah!!), and there were lots of gluten free items on the sushi and Thai menus. Their Pad Thai was one of the best we've ever had.


  1. Love all of these places - even though I'm not gluten-free! :) You'll have to try Mellow Mushroom (a gluten-free friend loves their pizza) - she also loves 518 West (both on Glenwood South) since they offer gluten-free pasta!

  2. Whitney, my sister from another mother moved to Raleigh about a week ago and is looking for a church. She is looking for a church that preaches G-d's word and believes the Bible. I told her about you and your blog and how much it meant to me to read your testimony. Can you please send me an e-mail with the name or some information about the church where your husband is now part of the staff? G-d bless and thank you!

  3. You might also want to try Bella Monica. They sell their in-house made, gluten free flatbreads locally and have awesome food at the restaurant not too far from Providence.

    1. YES! I keep hearing about it. We totally want to try it out!! Thanks, Jason.

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