11 months with Liam.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Liam Worth,

This has been one of the more difficult months of our life together. It's not because of anything you've done, but simply the fact that we're still living out of suitcases. Amazingly, you haven't been fazed. You're quite content to mosey around in places you shouldn't: pulling things out of kitchen cabinets, off of book shelves, and out of trash cans. And then you look back at me with an impish grin when I tell you "no touch" for the hundredth time. Still, your joy and contentment challenge and encourage me.

The other day at the park, you stood for about 3 seconds on your own before falling back into the grass. The look on your face seemed more confused than proud. You take steps easily when you hold onto our hands, so I know it isn't long until you're on your own. You've also been trying lots of new foods, and there isn't much you won't eat. It's quite a contrast to the Liam we knew a few months ago! Your favorites are watermelon, black beans from Chipotle, smoothies, and little bites of just about everything off of our plates. 
You've recently become that staff kid at church who's there almost every time the doors are open. You've learned pretty quickly that you don't enjoy going to nursery (which is a necessity at least 3 times a week) and the tears start before we even turn the corner to your classroom. I know it's just a season and someday you'll look forward to playing with your friends, but right now, it's a little heartbreaking to watch. Hearing "he only cried for 10 minutes this time!" is just about the best news we've gotten. 

In just one more month, you'll be turning the corner into your second year of life and will be surrounded by all four grandparents and so much love. I can't even fathom how an entire year has passed. 

We are so smitten with you, Guy.



  1. Absolutely LOVE this Guy and these darling photos and feel so blessed that we're now in the same city!! Happy 11 months, sweet Liam. You're the best! Love, Auntie Shans

  2. A year ago my husband stepped down from a ministry pastoral position after having been in full time ministry for 8 years. I gave birth to all four of our children while he was in full time ministry. My children were in the nursery at every service!! It was easier on them because I took them there from very early on so by the time they were 11 months they knew it well. BUT, even when you do everything you can, there comes a stage where they decide they want Mommy more and start to cry when they used to love it!! It's hard on us Mama's!! But it's brief and he will get through it! Smile BIG and tell him "see ya!" and cry after you leave! :/

  3. Ha! I feel like Isaac practically lives in our church's nursery... between mother's day out, wednesday nights and sunday, he's there all the time! He's definitely way more popular around the office than me or my husband! Just like Liam, he is starting to cry when we get to his room. I'm hoping this is just a phase, because even though our nursery ladies are SO GREAT with him, it's so hard to leave him upset.

    Your pictures are priceless! What a little ham-- he really resembles you!

  4. Smitten indeed! Can't believe Guy is almost a year old . . . Love that boy!

  5. Oh, he is simply the cutest little guy! I cannot believe that sweet Liam is almost 2 years old. Boy, does time fly by quickly!

  6. Getting so BIG! Oh my gooses.
    You're a great Mama, Whitney!

    Manda from Eat Cake


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