The humble beginnings of our new home.

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's a terrible picture, but it's just about all I have of our soon-to-be house in Raleigh. I'll definitely be taking plenty more "before" photos as soon as we have the keys.

This is taken from the open living room at the front of the house, looking into the kitchen, and into the dining room at the back of the house. We're thankful that even though the house has the charm of a home built 60 years ago, it was completely gutted and redone just a few years ago, so there's not that much to be fixed up. We'll be having the interior painted before we move in - it's a soupy beige/yellow throughout right now - and eventually painting the kitchen cabinets, too.

I've been careful not to succumb to scouring Pinterest for hours as I have to remember this whole making-a-house-a-home thing is a process. With our limited budget and time, it may take a few months (or years?) to get it to where we really love it, and that's ok.

But here are a few ideas of what we're going for...

Love the paint color and airy feel of this living room (thank you, Kelli, for reintroducing me to The Lettered Cottage!):
I love this bathroom wall (in my dreams!):
These simple bookshelves for Liam's tiny room:
These chicken wire cabinets:
This bedroom (and pretty much everything from this blog):
Also, I adore this home tour:
Kalli's home tour 
Kitchen & dining room
Rest of Kalli's house

Do any of you have paint color suggestions? We're looking for a very light grey that leans toward blue/green more than toward beige. Any ideas?

Can you tell I'm excited?! We've been in boxes since the end of May and in transitional housing (including my parents' house and now a basement apartment) since then. Our stuff from storage will arrive just a few days after we close, and I'm sure it will feel like Christmas. Maybe even better. Two more weeks can't come soon enough!


  1. My current very favorite paint color is Behr's Manhattan Mist. It's the perfect grey with just a little bit of blue undertones!

  2. My blogging friend, Sarah, used a beautiful blue gray in her home.


  3. I painted by bedroom in Glidden's "Smooth Stone". It looks more beige online, but when on the wall has a beautiful gray colour. So excited for you all!

  4. congrats! that is super exciting, friend! and i love those book shelves - those are my favorite. :)

    1. Lenes,
      It's been embarrassingly long since we've seen you! That needs to change... soon. Maybe even a halfway meet up in SC?

      Love you!

  5. Congratulations on your new home. I love the floors. Happy decorating!

  6. we just bought our home and are in the process of making it ours also...a tough spot for me to be in:) I like everything done. We just painted our living room a grey called bedford grey. our room is very light and my husband put up white crown molding and wainscoting so it has a light airy feel. i love it, but colors change a lot depending on the lighting. I have pictures on my instagram jnbussell if you want to look. i also heard revere pewter by Benjamin Moore has a lot of blue/silver in it.

  7. Welcome home and congratulations! It is so fun turning a house into a home. My husband and I just bought our first home in June and had it all painted before we moved in. I adore my colors and since you're asking for suggestions, here are a few we chose for our home:

    Benjamin Moore — Palladian Blue (the most beautiful airy blue/green) and Stratton Blue (accent)
    Martha Stewart — Nimbus Cloud (light grey)
    Martha Stewart — Sea Anemone (light airy green)
    Glidden — Seal Grey (medium-dark grey)
    Behr — Club Soda (the sweetest and lightest blue) — great for a kid's room!

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing what paint colors you choose!

  8. It is definitely a process to make it yours. We moved into our first house almost 3 years ago and are still in the process of doing what we want with limited time and a limited budget. I wish we could do it faster but it's so rewarding when you finally do finish a room or a big project. One day we'll have everything done, but until then it's still 'home' and it's the people (and pets) in it that make it so. :)

  9. Whitney, Congratulations on your new home! My husband and I have also been in boxes since the end of May. We close on our new house in 7 days and I can't wait! We have been lucky enough to have a space at my in-laws house for the past 4 months. Out first night in our new house will be EXACTLY 4 months from our first night at my in-laws. I'm sure they can't wait to have their garage back! Enjoy decorating your new space!

  10. Congrats on the new home!! That is so exciting. I can't wait to see how you're going to decorate it!
    Check out Dolphin Fin Grey by Behr. We recently painted on living/dining area with this and spent a TON of time looking for just the right color of grey - and we love how it turned out! It's going to be my go-to grey, I think, for the next time we move!

  11. I love this... the wall color might even be exactly what you're looking for.

  12. Hi Whitney

    From some of your already great ideas for your new home, I'm guessing you might also like the style of both and

    Both gorgeous homes and inspiration overload on ways to decorate!

  13. We've been focusing on grays throughout our house too. So soothing & fresh. We used Behr Primer & Paint.

    Best Wishes!

    Manda from Eat Cake

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