Reaching out.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just over two years ago, we were visiting California for a mini vacation. I posted a photo of the beach in San Diego on Facebook, and soon after, got a message from my friend Ashlyne. Ashlyne and I had been friends in high school, but we'd since lost touch. She had moved to LA to pursue a music career, and when she saw the photo, she thought we may be close. We met up with Ashlyne and her then-boyfriend, now-husband Mason (who I also went to high school with) and walked around Santa Monica the next day, reconnecting after lots of years and lots of life that had happened in those years.

The rest, I guess you could say, is history. Ash and Mase moved back to Nashville, got married a year ago, and have become those incredible friends that you just know you don't deserve. They were the first to find out we were pregnant (funny story there), and were waiting with my mom in the labor and delivery waiting room as I pushed Liam into the world. There have been countless dinners, apple crisps, good conversations, and meals at their wonderful restaurant. They're the kind of people that you know are "for" you. They've got our back. Always.

I need these kinds of friends. We all do. Friends we can chill on the couch with after a long day, can laugh with, can tell our embarrassing moments to without fear of judgment. I'm missing them a lot. And I think it goes without saying... they miss Liam. I'm pretty sure they love him almost as much as we do.

A few weeks ago, as we cleaned up the kitchen after our last dinner together, Ashlyne and I talked about the impending move to Raleigh. I told her it feels pretty humbling, moving to a brand new state and knowing almost no one. If someone asks me to go to lunch, I say "yes!" because I need friends. It would be easy to hide behind the busyness of our move and put it off, but I have to step out there and meet people. It's healthy, and it's often really out of my comfort zone being the new girl all the time.

Ashlyne's initiative in reaching out to me is so inspiring to me to do the same in this new place. I want to meet my neighbors, to reconnect with some fellow Moody alums here, and to pursue women in my church for friendship. Little did I know the amazing friend I would have in Ashlyne, all because she took a risk and reached out.


  1. Good friends can be hard to come by at times. It is such a blessing when God gives us someone to call our friend... So glad that you've been given a special friend, and I pray that God will lead you to find more in your new town!

  2. Friends like these are so rare! My husband and I don't have any 'couple' friends and we have been married for nearly three years now. Thankfully we are eachothers' best friends so we are quite content but now and again I wish for what you and your hubby have with these friends of yours; fellowship, friends that feel like family. Treasure these friendships! God bless, Leilani

  3. I think it's funny that every single word in here can be turned around on you and Shawn for Mase & me. I would argue that you posting a picture was the start...I was desperate for friends too in LA. And that was the first time we met Shawn, someone I obviously love, but Mase...let' s just say he's irreplaceable. You both are, and that's why Raleigh's got nothin' on the foundation we've built. And yes, we adore Liam...probably too much. Love you Whit!

  4. Amen! Moving to a new place is so hard, but it makes you thankful for what you have!

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