DIY: Pretty Little Potholder.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sometimes, there are tutorials out there that are so well executed that they need no additions, only a neon sign pointing in their direction, saying, "Try this!". This step-by-step "Pretty Little Potholder" tutorial by Nana & Company is one of them. Every tip Amy offers is so valuable, from using two layers of Insul-Bright to make it sturdy and heat-resistant, to using quilt basting spray (a first for me). The final product is every bit as effective as any potholder you could buy in a store, a whole lot cuter, and a perfect scrap buster for those fabric scraps lying around from other projects.

I only changed two very minor things: I sewed the loop for hanging on the corner instead of in the middle, and I shortened the front piece to 6" instead of 7.5".

This is one of those projects that ends up looking handmade but not homemade. In my mind, there can be such a difference.


  1. Those are beautiful! Who knew I could get so excited over handmade potholders (that weren't crafted from one of those cheap plastic looms and neon bands)?? You really did a great job with those. Next up: matching oven mitts, I hope!!! :-)

  2. Wow, these are darling! I like that you can customize them for your own style. :)

  3. They look expensive, like you bought them from a fancy boutique-like kitchen store! I love when projects turn out looking handmade and not homemade. So cute!

  4. Those are beautiful! Good distinction between handmade and homemade because there is a difference. :)


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