Monday, March 31, 2014


I recently heard about through the blogosphere (thanks, Ashlee!) and wanted it to try it out myself before I mentioned it on the blog. thredUP is an online consignment store where you can browse through thousands of items and have them sent to your door. They're mostly name brand clothes that are new or barely worn. A couple items I purchased claimed they had a "tiny flaw" but I have yet to find it. I had the best experience and just had to tell somebody... anybody... you! You just can't beat it. 

Here's what I bought this first time around: 

For me:
1. Banana Republic shirt, $8.49
2. Oxford Circus casual dress, $11.99
3. Francesca's top, $5.49
4. Deletta top, $9.49
For Liam:
5. Old Navy button-down, $4.99
6. Gymboree board shorts, $3.49
7. Ralex sneakers, $7.99
8. Nike sneakers, $5.49
9. Baby Gap hoody, $5.99

With my first time customer discount of $10, I paid a total of $50.78 for all of this, including free shipping (for orders over $50). Kind of unbelievable.

I'm not getting paid for this post and thredUP only knows me as a happy customer. I just honestly had a great first experience and thought you should know. If you do want $10 off your first order, I'll also get $10 if you use this referral link.

Happy, happy shopping!


  1. Umm thred up is AWESOME. I've only bought a couple things for myself there, but for my kids it makes buying used clothes sooooo much easier. I don't do consignment (who has the time?), garage sales, or even thrift store shopping much anymore. Thred up is my one-stop shop.

    1. Oh Chelsea... I'm with you. I went to a consignment sale with Liam a couple days ago and was looking at clothes about 10% of the time and chasing him around the store for the other 90%. No thanks. This company is so impressive!

  2. This is a nice website, I liked your selection pf clothing items, for your Liam too :) Thanks for sharing info!

  3. I've been toying with the idea of using Thredup. Thanks for the review!