March/April 2014 Sponsors.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Spring (finally!), and I'm so excited about another great group of sponsors. I've added my own little comments in italics, but be sure to read the good stuff that they've written first. I'm so thankful for another great group of bloggers and handmade sellers this month. I'll be featuring them in a giveaway here on the blog on Monday, April 14, so be sure to check out their links to get to know them. Thank you, sponsor-friends! You make Elm Street Life more possible and way more fun.

The Ruffled Stitch offers handmade unique wallets designed to help you stay organized. There are many different patterns to meet many different styles! Each wallet is handcrafted with care one piece at a time. So feel free to stop by and look around! 

Darcy's handmade wallets are gorgeous online, but they're even more beautiful in person. I feel like a kindred spirit with anyone who spends hours a day sewing (which I can only assume she does), and her product is unique and well made. Two of my favorite wallets here and here.  I love that there's a Scotchgard option too. So smart.

The Piecemeal Shoppe was born on a tour bus. Somewhere on a long lost highway on the NKOTBSB (New Kids & Backstreet Boys) Tour, I found myself missing my friends and family back in Tennessee. I wanted to send them cards and say something special. One problem: I couldn't find any cards that said it like I wanted--and that was very important to me thousands of miles away. So I ordered some paper to be delivered back to my apartment in Santa Monica, and with a little encouragement from our very own Whitney Newby, I opened The Piecemeal Shoppe on Etsy soon after I got off the bus. It's been a Happily Ever Piecemeal since. *All my cards are made to order, fully customizable, and I especially love creating cards for brides and their bridesmaids! Come visit me at The Piecemeal Shoppe!

And remember to live the Piecemeal way... "as you go". There's really no other option is there?

Ashlyne is one of my closest friends who has known me a very long time and seen me through some awkward years and still wants to be friends. It's amazing. She and her husband are like family to us and love Liam like their own. On top of all this, she's incredibly talented in so many ways: author, songwriter, pop star, dancer, and now card-maker. Now that I'm sure I've thoroughly embarrassed her, go check out her cards.  This card and this card are two of my favorites. 

Hello! I'm Bethany and Simply Silvas is my blog. I'm a 25 year old soon-to-be married, RN and a Nurse Practitioner in the making. While my life is constantly on the go and busy with graduate school, wedding plans, and work, writing is my passion. I have been encouraged, challenged, and inspired by other bloggers and I use my tiny writing corner to share about my everyday life, the coming and going, the good and the bad, and the lessons I am learning as the Lord continues to write my story as I journey into this new season of life. I believe we are better when we do life together and this is a great place to connect! I love making new friends and connecting so please stop by and say hello! Thanks for taking the time to read about my blog, let's be friends!

Bethany and I endured the grueling days of nursing school at Belmont University as classmates, and I'm so inspired that she's now working on another degree. Go Bethany! As you'll see through her writing, she's incredibly wise and insightful and has a true gift of writing. Two of my favorite posts here (who doesn't love a great engagement story?!) and here. Just beautiful.

Welcome to Jen's Simply Soap! What started as a desire to use homemade natural products for my family has turned into a small business for me in the past year. My soaps, lotions, and lip balms are scented with essential oils, and unscented products are also available for the most sensitive skin. My solid lotions are great for the driest winter cracked hands. The soaps have a nice creamy lather, and are gentle on your skin. Stop by my Facebook page to message me your order! I update my scent list regularly, so just tell me what you would like specifically. My soaps and lotions are $5 each, and lip balms are $2 each. Also, if you buy 4 soaps, get a solid lotion for free!

I don't know about you, but I'm a lip balm hoarder. You can find it on my nightstand, in the bottom of my purse, and in the cup holders of my car. So when Jen told me these are all natural, it made me so happy. Because what goes on your lips goes in your mouth, right? And what goes on your skin is so important, too. Just listen to some of these soap scents: ginger grapefruit, mojito, rosemary mint, sassy orange. Yes, please. Yes to all of them.


  1. Whitney, you are the best :) I just thought everyone should know that. Oh wait, they already do.
    -Liam's most favorite Aunt (behind Kels)

  2. Thank you for the awesome feature! :)

  3. You did great putting this together! Thanks again for the feature!


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