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Monday, April 21, 2014

On being authentic...
I've received this question via email quite a few times recently: How did you get so many followers? Frankly, I don't know. I have no idea how 99% of you arrived at this page or why you stuck around. (Most of you probably can't remember, either, unless we're friends in real life. But I love that you're here!)

So this is my take on something I really don't understand myself. But I'd like to think it might be this: authenticity.

I hope authenticity is what you find on these pages. It's certainly my intent. Part of being authentic is that I don't hide the messy parts of my home or my heart from you. But I think authenticity also means that I blog about what I genuinely love. It's easy to keep a blog going when you write about what inspires you, right?

See that quote at the top? I echo it a thousand times (and have to rehearse it to myself, too). I see a lot of blogs that feel forced because, for example, she does DIY projects (because they attract the masses) when what she'd really love to talk about is children's literature. That's a lame example, I know, but I'm sure you've seen it too if you read blogs. Just be yourself! It's so attractive. It's as hard and as simple as that.

On what I'm reading...
I just finished this book: A Million Little Ways. To be gut-level honest, I didn't love it. I really wanted to love it, considering the four wonderful people who have whole-heartedly recommended it to me. I slogged through it, for some reason, and it felt "fluffy" to me. I'm not a fan of fluff. Perhaps "uncovering the art I was made to live" isn't really my struggle, at least right now. Making a living with my art? That might be more pertinent. I think she's a wonderful writer and reminded me of Ann Voskamp in ways, but it was difficult for me to finish.

I'm right in the middle of this book: Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus. I'm eating it up. Whereas nearly every other parenting book is written on the basis of Good parenting in = good kid out, this book is completely different. I mean, can't you name so many people who have great parents and have not turned out great kids? Life just doesn't work that way.  It didn't in the Bible either. So instead of pounding the law into them and expecting them to uphold it, we recognize that they have sinful hearts just like we do and we remind them of the gospel. That they can't possibly live up to the standards of the law, and neither can we. That Jesus kept the law perfectly and, if we believe, has given us His perfect righteousness. This is so freeing, both for parents and for kids. I have lots more to say, but will save it for another post once I legitimately finish the book.

On this week... 
Shawn is on vacation for the week! Since we're saving up for a big BIG trip in July, we're having a "stay cation" which, so far, has involved buying a new printer and taking a bike ride through the neighborhood. We sure do wish we could be on an exotic beach this week, but we're thankful to have this time together and want to make the most of it.

Happy, happy Monday to you!


  1. I am about to start "Give Them Grace" with a new book club this weekend, and I am really looking forward to reading it after hearing your reviews.

    I love that quote too!

  2. I have recently started reading "Give Them Grace" as well. I am not a reader but have found myself picking this book up at the strangest of times. I'm glad to hear you are reading it. This might be the push I need to keep reading and see how our thoughts compare in the end.

  3. A "big BIG trip"? You've caught my interest! =) I love traveling! =) Hope your staycation is marvelous!

  4. How do I not know about this big trip.


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