Tasting summer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tonight, just as the sun was setting, we meandered outside for one last moment before Liam headed to bed. Our backyard isn't the most scenic place (yet) but it's fenced and more than adequate for our curious boy. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even notice the patchy grass, the ugly wire fence, or the hours of work that could be done.

Instead, he sees opportunity. Bubbles to blow. Azaleas to admire. Neighbors' doggies to pet. Even a new raised garden (built today!) that's incredibly tempting to dig up. Having a blog helps me see those opportunities too. When I watched the bubbles blow and the diaper-clad boy marching around the yard, I thought, "I better grab my camera." I never regret it. Ever.

I hope we have a hundred more of these summer nights together. They are simply delicious. 


  1. These photos are so cozy and happy :) God bless your family! Of cousre you will have many more such evenings together - such lovely time!

  2. These are glorious & I can just feel the warmth in them. Love you.

  3. I love diaper photos. Squishy legs and saggy diapers...be still my heart. Making a yard pretty takes time. We've lived in our home three years now, and have just now gotten the grass looking green, most of the weeds pulled, and a few new plants put in the ground. But the work is worth it! Letting the girls plant a few tulip and daffodil bulbs last fall has yielded hours of beautiful scenery for us this spring. Easiest investment ever!


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