I caved.

Monday, May 26, 2014

As much as I had hoped to wait until after August to trim his hair - so that his grandparents and great-grandparents could see his curls - it was time. His new 'do isn't perfect by any stretch, but it's much easier to maintain. He'd been running his greasy fingers through the back of his hair after every meal, requiring a (sometimes twice) daily bath, which is what finally made me cave. Haircut or no haircut, he's looking more grown up every day. Slow down, little guy. Please? 


  1. So cute and you did a great job! I just trimmed my little guy's mullet, I mean, hair this weekend, but I did a terrible job. He now looks like a little Amish boy! Hopefully it will grow in fast. :)

  2. Indeed he grew up so much since that post when you announced he came to this world. But he is still little... enjoy the moments!

  3. Liam is just the sweetest little one!

  4. Aww..that is so cute.
    N he is the most angelic baby i have ever seen.



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