Joy Prom 2014.

Monday, May 19, 2014

This event was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. As I stood there cheering on the guests as they entered on a red carpet, I felt like I captured a little glimpse of Heaven with so many being celebrated and honored who are usually cast aside. A beautiful, hopeful night.

Some highlights:
+ Seeing our church completely transformed with thousands of balloons, hand painted signs, a red carpet complete with "paparazzi" taking pictures of the arriving guests, a face painting station, full dinner, and a dance floor with a DJ in the worship center. This took months of preparation and was more thoroughly decorated than any prom I've ever attended.
+ Going to the dance floor "just to watch" and getting asked to dance almost immediately by an older, mentally handicapped man who was serious about dancing. For all four songs we danced to, he looked me straight in the eye and clasped my hands tight. Sweet, funny, and memorable. I think we would've danced for the rest of the night except that his chaperone was ready to leave.
+ Meeting some of the other volunteers who had driven several hours just to be a part of the evening.
+ Watching certain guests arrive on the red carpet and strike a post right out of their limos... they were just so excited.

If you're around the Raleigh area a year from now (or, even better, can find a Joy Prom in your area), make plans for the next Joy Prom. It was one of the absolute highlights of my year so far.

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  1. A church in our Michigan town does similar events for our community. My brother, his friends (and me!) all love it. So wonderful.


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