Things that inspire.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1. This book.
I just finished reading The Glass Castle: A Memoir, and I gobbled it up. It's a phenomenal story (and a true one, at that) that had me spellbound from the first chapter. If you haven't heard of it, it's the story of a girl who grew up "with parents whose ideals and stubborn nonconformity were both their curse and their salvation" (Amazon review). She grew up as a nomad in her family of 6, then settled in a poor mining town in West Virginia, where she and her brother and sisters basically raised themselves. But to see where they are today and how they persevered is so inspiring. I recommend it to anyone. It's hard to read certain parts, acknowledging what they endured, but it's also incredibly redeeming. (I also hear it's being made into a movie and Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead. Sounds amazing.)

2. This testimony.

Kim first visited our church 6 weeks ago, and this was the story she shared this past Sunday before being baptized. I cried happy tears as I watched. After being a Christian for more than 20 years now, it's so freshly powerful for me to see a life radically transformed by the love of Jesus.

3. This idea.
This Friday, along with 500 other volunteers, I get to serve at Joy Prom. It's a prom specifically for mentally and physically handicapped people ages 16 and up who wouldn't normally get to go to prom, and it happens at our church every other year. Our worship center is completely transformed into a massive dance floor with a full band. This year, the theme is "Big Top Carnival," and there will be a red carpet with photographers as they arrive, face painting, dinner, shoe shining. But apparently, no one really cares about all these extras... they just want to dance. I can't wait


  1. I went straight to my library yesterday and picked up The Glass Castle. Thanks for the book recommendation, I have not wanted to put it down. =)

  2. We'll see you at Joy Prom tomorrow! (All six of us. We're serving as a family this time around.) Thanks for the book recommendation- just reserved it at the library!

    1. That is super impressive. I'll look for you guys!!
      (And yay- you will LOVE the book.)

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