To mullet or not to mullet?

Friday, May 16, 2014

This is, obviously, a very important question for your Friday morning.

As Liam's hair gets longer and longer, I love it more every day. Shawn, on the other hand, loves it less. We have a daily conversation about his first hair cut, and while I'd love to stretch it until at least August, Shawn is pretty adamant that it happens sooner than that. Because Liam's hair curls up in the back, it doesn't look so mullet-ish until it's wet. See below.
But even so, sometimes when it's dry and less curly, it definitely resembles a baby mullet. We tell him, "Shake your mullet!" and he obeys. It's wonderful. And hilarious.

I love long hair on little boys. Like this, this, and this. Maybe not as long as this (Shawn would shudder). But seriously, if Liam came home from a hair cut looking like this or this, I would cry so many tears.

I didn't really understand why Shawn was so anti-mullet... until I saw these pictures of him. Wow, babe.
Thanks, Mama Newby, for passing these along. And thanks for feeling the same way I do - pure adoration - about long hair on little boys. 

So you won't hurt my feelings... how long is too long for an 18-month-old? I'm worried that if we chop his curls, they'll never come back. But still... will you tell me, ever-so-gently, if he starts looking like a boy straight out of the 80s? 


  1. DON'T CUT IT! Or at least wait a bit longer and just trim. Our little guy has one curl in the back (he's 14 months) and his hair isn't growing as fast as Liam's hair...I LOVE long(er) hair on littles!

  2. He has BEAUTIFUL hair, and I am sure I will be just like you, but a boyish hair cut can still retain some of his curls!

  3. I am in the EXACT same predicament - my little one is 17 months and his hair is identical to Liam's in the back. I was softening a little to getting it cut (hubby would like this) but then hot weather came and it curls sooo nicely, so now I'm thinking I'll just leave it...but maybe a trim wouldn't be too bad? The problem is it is more fine and straight in the front so it doesn't match! He's my firstborn, which maybe explains why I'm so sentimental about it!

  4. "How long is too long for an 18 month old?" Honey, that is completely up to you and your sweetie. I'm a tomboy who is daunted by keeping her own hair looking reasonable, so when my boys' hair starts to require significant maintenance to keep it from looking like a tangled mess, I give them buzz cuts (like the second I-might-cry photo you posted above). And you know what, I do cry a little, but it's enough easier for me to maintain that it's worth in the long run. And the buzz cuts are fuzzy and fun to rub. :)

  5. I do the cutting and it's been a buzz since he turned one. He had some awesome hair that spiked straight up resembling a troll doll that we used to spin as kids. But outside of a fun Mohawk sometimes we keep it short. I've never been a fan of having to try and figure out if I'm seeing a boy or girl. I don't like the long hair on boys so we agreed but my hubby does not at all, and for my son I've always deferred to his preference. He defers to my preference on our three girls. Have fun deciding!!!

  6. We just took our 14-month old to get his first cut. I was hesitant, but everyone here in Guatemala started asking if he was a girl, plus it was getting too long in front and going into his eyes, so I decided it was time.

    It was quite a shock at first, but now I'm used to it :)

  7. Hi Whitney,
    Just a little encouragement to honor the man of valor being cultivated in your little boy. If dad says it's's time! :-)

  8. Don't don't don't cut those beautiful curls believe me I thought the same way chopped my son's curl at 14 months and it nvr came back till today at 20 months �� I truly regret so much wish I had waited but it was summer here in Australia and it was too much for him he was putting all the food in his curls that I will offer to him
    Please keep them until u can that's all I can say

  9. That's how I remember Shawn's hair when he was little and I LOVED it. Funny that he doesn't want Liam to have it. To me it made Shawn look really cool and SO European! Laugh!

  10. I think his hair is perfect! I love those little curls and would cry as a mama, too!
    I'm in the same boat and laugh daily wondering when my little Logan is going to need his first haircut. He's five months old, but came with so much hair as a newborn and it's just been steadily growing ever since. I love the way it wisps over his ears and falls into his eyes. So adorable. But...I don't even know if he will make it to 18 months without his first hair cut. I mean, look at this little guy! (
    Oh, precious little boys... :)

  11. My 10 month old is getting the curls too, and I would be sad to lose them. But speaking as one who has been growing out a pixie, the key to growing short hair into Rapunzel/Samson locks is trimming the back and NOT TOUCHING the front. So maybe just a teensy trim to make it a little more proportional, and then he can still keep growing it all out. May be a fair compromise between you and Shawn. I would hope that, even with a 1-2 inch trim (just enough to keep a sweet lock of curls for your memory book), the humidity of North Carolina would still facilitate curls this summer. But YOU are mama, not us. And if it's not the mullet that traumatizes him as a teen, it'll be "that sweater" or "that picture." So why not keep it just a little while longer?

    And ohmylanta. The length of one's hair does not a man of valor make. That's in the heart. And it seems like y'all are cultivating a fine young child. /gender hair norms rant.

  12. My husband had long hair when he was little until he was almost two. It was very blonde and very curly. One day the neighbour commented how lovely "HER" hair was so his dad took him straight to the barbers to get it all copped off! My husband's mom didn't know until they came back. She was very disappointed that the curls were gone! My husband grew the curls back in his teens when the surfer look was in.

    So have faith, they may just come back later down the road.


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