A really great start.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Were you praying? You must have been praying.

Within 24 hours of listing our house, we've had 4 showings, 3 more showings scheduled for tomorrow, and lots of great feedback. When we woke up, we looked out the window and there were already two cars right out front, scouting it all out. The interest has been incredible. We think we might sell this house before the weekend is over. And that can only be God.

In case you're curious (I know I always am), here are some of our real estate photos. Since we are trying to sell on our own, I spent all day yesterday cleaning, taking photos, making a brochure, and putting it all on MLS online. Whew. Real estate professionals - your job is no joke.

All that to say, this is our (somewhat stripped down, de-personalized) house. I'm still squeamish about putting exterior photos for all the world to see, and not every room is shown, but hopefully you'll get a good feel for the house with these.


  1. simply beautiful! praying for a you all in this transition.

  2. Your home is lovely! Praying for your transition! Could you tell me, what is the color of your living room? It's beautiful!

  3. fantastic shots of the home. i think that is really key to a real estate listing, you know? we have moved more than i care to admit, and i've learned that some people just aren't great at cleaning/prepping for photos or taking them, it's worth the visit. it totally helps to have great pictures, though, because it makes people excited and not annoyed that they can't see what is going on.
    hope this process is a blessing to your hearts and that you can have fun with it!

  4. You obviously have a knack for making any house a home - and you'll find another place that will be home again. All the best to you in your move - sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers your way.


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