Liam, at 19 months.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Liam Worth Newby, just up from his afternoon nap and with popsicle in hand, is ready for his 19-month interview:

What's your favorite animal? Bus
What's your favorite color? Yeh-woh
What's your favorite shape? Roaaarrr!
What's your favorite food? Eat
What's your favorite drink? [Waves popsicle in the air]
What's your favorite vowel? E, O, U
What's your favorite toy? Deh-deh (Doggie)

Thanks for your time, little love. I think we have a long way to go.
PS - I think I've ruined him for future photos... this crazy intense smile is what comes out as soon as he sees the camera.


  1. Omg that smile is so priceless made me smile too after I had such a bad today
    Thanks for putting these pitcures up Whitney he is such a happily little man x

  2. He is so cute!! So happy to smile for the camera!! :)


  3. Happy Boy. You probably need to be sure you have some Shout Stain remover on hand with those yummy looking popsicles.

  4. Hi Whitney,
    I just have one question. I remember back several years ago you said that you were using the canon rebel that shawn had bought for you. Are you still using that camera? I am simply mesmerized by the quality of your photos. Also, what editor do you use to edit your pictures (ie: contrast, exposure, etc). Thanks! I'm just getting in to photography and I have been thinking about investing in a good camera.

    1. Lynn, Thanks so much, first of all! Since 2012, I have the Canon 5d Mark ii and use it exclusively, though the Rebel was an excellent one to learn on for the first 3-4 years. (I just looked at the link on Amazon and I'm almost positive we didn't pay that much for it... I think it would be great to find one that's refurbished to cut the cost.) I also suggest this 50 mm lens, which is a great value for the quality of photos it produces. As for editing, I use Lightroom and just do very basic editing which usually includes adjusting the exposure, the contrast, the saturation, and sometimes the clarity.

    2. Oops... thought those sent over links.

      Here's the link to the Canon 5d Mark ii:

      And here's the link to one lens I like:


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