First haircut.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We decided while we were in Germany that Liam should get his first ever "real" (not by Mommy and Daddy) haircut. The hairdresser, Charlette, had cut Shawn's hair since he was a little guy, which made it so special. At least to me. Liam? He didn't enjoy it so much.
This watermelon sucker was my best and worst idea. I thought it would keep him distracted, but it quickly got pieces of hair stuck to it, which then went in his mouth, which then led to a total spitting meltdown.
Apparently cutting a toddler's hair requires an entire team: mommy wearing the cape, Charlette the hairdresser snipping what she can, and Gramma "Suzu" keeping him distracted. 
Before we were done, he'd had enough, resorting to kicking the hairdresser. Awesome.
Charlette did a fabulous job, especially with her very wiggly, spitting client who didn't cooperate too well. I have to admit - I miss the wavy mullet - but it's growing back already and it makes this mommy's heart so happy. 

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