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Monday, August 11, 2014

One tired little man, loving his new rug from his Mimi.
Where do I even begin? 

In the past two weeks or so,
we returned from Germany,
conquered jet lag (or something like that),
closed on one house and moved out,
stayed with friends for a few days,
closed on a new house and moved in.

It's been a whole lot, and we are tired. The adrenaline rush that pushed us through these stressful, busy days has begun to subside and now we're just feeling the exhaustion.

At one point, Liam looked around at boxes stacked to the ceiling, ran to the back door and asked pitifully, "Go home?"

"We are home, buddy. It just doesn't look like it quite yet."

And then my Mom volunteered to fly out for a few days to help us dig through boxes and occupy Liam and we jumped at the offer.

That all sounds a little more bleak and desperate than it's been. The upside is that we've landed in a charming house that feels so much more spacious, is much more feasible financially, is a couple minutes closer to Shawn's work (and Trader Joe's, but who's counting?), and gives us reason to breathe. And for all of those things, we are so thankful. We're also deeply grateful for the way we've been lavishly loved over these past few stressful weeks by dozens of friends and church family through this transition, and we can't wait to return the love. And show pictures of our new place. And jump in on a dozen DIY projects I have mulling around in my head. But maybe a nap or two first.

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