DIY for Kids: Canvas Ornaments.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Subtitle: Stocking Stuffers for Grandparents.
I'll just be honest: this project was more seamless (and a lot less messy) in my head. Add a 2-year-old to the mix and it got really messy really fast, and I ended up scrubbing acrylic paint out of his hair for much longer than it took to make these. In the end, though, I'm so glad we persevered. Liam adores painting and the grandparents adore gifts from him, so it was worth the mess. Overall, though, I think this would be a much better DIY project for kids ages 4 and up or plan on using a washable paint, such as tempura paint.
 Here's what you need:
+ Mini canvases - I found these 2x3" stretched canvases on sale at Jerry's Artarama for less than $1 each, but you can purchase similar mini canvases here
+ 1" felt letter stickers - purchased at Hancock Fabrics, but you can purchase similar letters here
+ Paint
+ Paint brush
+ Paper to cover the table
+ Ribbon
+ Staple gun or glue gun
Hopefully the photos make pretty self explanatory instructions. Adhere the felt letters to the canvases and let your little one paint right over them. You may need to help fill in near the edges of the letters if they aren't applying the paint thick enough. Once they've added a layer of paint, carefully peel off the stickers and let the canvases dry overnight. After they're completely dry, adhere ribbon to the back for hanging on the tree, either with a staple gun or a glue gun. Add their name and date to the back of the canvas and tuck them into grandparents' Christmas gifts (or hang on your own tree). That's it!


  1. Hmmm, Christmas present preview??
    YOU are one brave mom. :) Love you lots!

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