DIY: Crochet Baby Hats & Bows

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Crocheting is so relaxing for me, even when I (often) don't know what I'm doing and have to pull out lots of stitches. My Grandma - who taught me how to sew - taught me the basics of crochet when I was in middle school, but it's been years since I've done much of it and I needed a refresher. Enter YouTube! With the combination of some pregnancy insomnia + intense nesting over the past few weeks, I pulled out a bag of yarn I already had and whipped up a few little hats and bows for our winter baby who's on her way. In case you're interested in making some similar hats or even learning to crochet, I hope these links are helpful. The photos are mine, but the links underneath take you to the tutorials I used to make them.

Shell Stitch Baby Hat Tutorial: Size 0-3 months (5 mm crochet hook) + Tiny Crochet Bow added on (5 mm crochet hook)

(Same) Shell Stitch Baby Hat Tutorial: Size 0-3 months (5 mm crochet hook) + Felt Bow Pattern, printed at 80% (I changed the bottom part of the bow slightly and don't have a pattern for the change, but hopefully you can see how I cut it a little differently?). I had some crochet mess-ups on this one, hence the bow placed in a strategic spot. 
 20 Minute Baby Hat (Size 3-6 months: 7 mm crochet hook) + Baby Bear Ears (starts around 7:30 in the video)

The baby bows in the top photo came from this Tiny Crochet Bow tutorial and I plan to attach them to headbands or hats in the future. They take well under 10 minutes each, even for a beginner!

Are you brand new to crochet? I found tons more crochet tutorials for basically every stitch, in case you're not able to find someone who knows how to crochet who can show you the basics.


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  5. I also learn crochet via Youtube and blogs, but I have not create anything wearable, haha!


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