Kingdom work.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Over the past several months, this little blog space has been more sparse than usual. As I stood under the steaming shower head this morning (where I think all of my deepest thoughts), I tried to figure out why.

My plate is full, yes. Yours is too, no doubt. But what I'm finding in this season is the need to be mentally present more than ever before. It's one thing to care for a baby - to meet her needs for constant nursing, full diapers, and stimulation. It's another to care for the heart and mind of a toddler: a two-year-old, in our case, who is stunningly verbal and wants you to respond to everything he says to make sure you understand him. By the end of the day - a day full of meal planning and cooking and cleaning and errands and library trips and constant conversation with my favorite buddy - I am spent. Poured out in every way. Add to that being 38 weeks pregnant and it makes sense why I wouldn't be thinking deep thoughts by 10pm when I sit down to write. It's a season, and it isn't worth trading for anything.

A few months ago, Shawn and I attended an event at our church for some of the church leaders and their spouses. The pastor who spoke was elicit in his encouragement to those who work with children. I wish I could've recorded his words and didn't have to paraphrase them, but in summary, he said, "To those who spend their days singing to babies and praying over them; to those who open the Scriptures with their toddlers while they play trucks; you are propelling the Gospel forward. Yours is kingdom work."

Oh, how I needed those words. I know I'll need them in a few weeks when we've added a newborn to the mix. I fight with voices in my head that I could be doing more valuable things with my time: making more money, stretching my mind, using the gifts I've been given for such bigger purposes. And then I hear the timely words of an older, wiser brother - and I look into the eyes of a little boy named Liam - and I realize that what I'm doing now is more valuable than perhaps anything I've ever done. To show him Jesus and to guide him into truth - there is simply no higher calling.

I'm praying for you today, mama friends. I'm praying that as you scrub another dish and answer another question and wonder if it all matters, that the Spirit would speak into your soul that it does. That this work you're doing is eternal.


  1. Whitney, this momma of nine has been following you for quite some time now. Our circumstances are different, but just wanted to let you know that your heart-thoughts so often echo my own. You have often been a sweet and precious encouragement to me. I have a little blog over at where I hope to be a little more faithful recording some family events this year. Praying for you as you await the arrival of your little one!

  2. Whitney,

    Your words are very true! In this day of so many electronic (and non electronic) ways to be busy, it is easy to not put a priority on the important things- little ones. They take a lot of energy-physically and emotionally! While it is difficult to see now, these precious days are fleeting- and all too soon they will be independent and the nest will be empty. I am almost at that place now, but was where you are 22 years ago-although it seems like just last week.

    Cherish these moments! Invest your whole heart in the little ones. It is kingdom work. Just 3 months ago I had to drive my second daughter to the air port as she left the US for Central Asia as a missionary. I am so happy that I spent all those hours with her during her growing up years- no regrets! I wish I had been a better mother, but know that I did the best I could, with God's help.

    So, to encourage all the young mama's who cannot see past the dirty dishes, clingy babies- it is kingdom work. There is no more important job! You are raising the next leaders of our world. All the work will get done, in time. It is ok to have cereal for dinner periodically. And to put off mopping the floor one more day. But hold and rock your precious little ones. Savor the moments when they crawl up in your lap and snuggle.

    It is Kingdom work!

  3. Thanks so much for this. I fight with those same voices : oh how I could use my degree! oh how better this or that would be! But kingdom work at home is where I am. And the reward is not instant, the hours are long, but the reward is eternal.

  4. i've been following you for quite some time and though i don't often reply, you speak to my heart so frequently. your kingdom work is definitely your little boy and that new little girl to be..but you are also doing his work by your encouraging words filled with transparency, love, encouragement and hope in Him. Thank you.

    Your words are beautiful and your passion for Christ and His gentle ways even more so. Thanks for sharing your life with this world...but more so, for reminding us what this life is really about.

    Praying for your heart as well sweet Whitney, that you may have peace in these next days anticipating your next season of wonder. And that you may be filled with such comfort and joy knowing that God is smiling so brightly on the path you're taking your son and about to take your daughter...HIS children...that He gifted into your arms. Our God never makes mistakes, that's for sure, and what comfort there is that alone.

    Hang in there these last few days and lifting you all to the throne! ><>

  5. I have been following your blog for some time now and every time your posts touch my heart.
    The other replyers are right: there is nothing more important and rewarding than giving your children the love and support they need.
    As a mother of two young girls (a 2-year old and a 5 week-old) I feel closely related to your situation.
    I pray for you and your family,
    with love


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