Friday, January 2, 2015

Making final preparations for sister
At 38 weeks and one day pregnant (but who's counting?), I've been experiencing "prodromal labor," which basically feels like a mean joke. With Liam, my labor was fast and furious and we held a baby in our arms a week earlier than we'd expected. This time around, I was sure I was going into labor a few nights ago when contractions were 3 minutes apart and strong for nearly 12 hours. But after walking 50 laps around the hospital in my oversized gown and not making much dilation progress, we headed home.

Anyway, our girl finally has a name, hospital bags are packed, childcare is in place, Etsy orders are all finished and sent. We're ready. So very ready.

As I wait, rather impatiently, I've been doing what must be nesting:

+ I've made a large batch of homemade hummus and was delighted with this recipe. It tastes better than anything I've purchased at the store and freezes well. (I doubled the recipe.)

+ I'm currently making homemade laundry "super sauce" detergent. A friend made this for me several months ago and I loved it - and it's quite the money-saver. I added about 30 drops of essential oil ("Serenity" by doTERRA) to make it smell even more delicious.

+ I also made an all-purpose cleaning spray, which I've now used to clean the kitchen and bathrooms. I doubled the recipe and added 15 drops of lemon essential oil and 15 drops of lavender essential oil. It cleans well, smells light and fresh, and is non-toxic.

Next on the list? Headed downstairs to make a Boppy cover with some scrap material I have. I'll probably use this tutorial and pattern.

Hope to be back soon with baby news, but as you moms know, there's just no telling when she'll decide to arrive. Only in perfect time.


  1. Good luck Whitney looking forward to see your little girl
    Good luck with everything
    Love to Liam xx

  2. Prayers for a quick and as painfree as possible delivery and of course, good health for all. And for brothers understanding of all.

  3. Love your blog, all of it. But please don't use your home made detergent for your loved ones or yourself. Naphtha is very toxic and known to cause severe skin rashes and some forms of it are carcinogetic. Naphtha is also extremely volatile and can explode on exposure to high temperature surfaces. Love from Amsterdam, Lou

    1. Oh no! Thanks for the heads up. I will certainly do my research!


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