Postpartum faves.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Testing, testing... is anyone still out there? I'm slowly emerging from the fog that is having a newborn and a 2-year-old (along with a nasty case of mastitis). Things are going well, all things considered, just very full-time - which leaves little time to write or even to think. But I'm still so grateful: for a healthy Liam and Lanie, for the chance to stay home with them, for our very full days. Anyway, we're almost 3 weeks in with two kids and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things from the past few weeks...
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+ A Meal Train - I'm thoroughly convinced that providing a meal for a family with a new baby is the very best gift you could possibly give. So if someone offers to set up meals for you, say, "YES! And thank you." Our friend Lindsey set it up for us using which has been easy for people to use and such a gift.

+ "Under the bump" jeans - This line of jeans from are technically maternity jeans - and I wore them throughout both pregnancies - but they are fabulous during those awkward postpartum weeks when nothing seems to fit because they look like normal jeans. (See them worn in this post, this post, and this post.) The stretchy maternity waistband can be tucked in to give you a normal looking waist with belt loops.

+ A great carrier - I have this Ergobaby carrier with the infant insert (both purchased on eBay) as well as a Boba wrap. I really love both for different reasons (the Boba more during the tiny newborn phase, and the Ergo later on). Like all newborns, Lanie loves to be close to her mama and this allows me to be hands-free and cuddle her at the same time. I don't know how moms with multiple small children survive without a carrier. It's been absolutely vital for us.

+ Under eye concealer - Just being real. I use this Bare Minerals "eye brightener" almost daily anyway, but it's been especially helpful to look halfway awake when running on (a lot) less sleep.

+ A swaddle - We are big proponents of swaddling to help our babies sleep. We love the Woombie best (it zips, so they can't muscle their way out of it like they can with velcro), but for these newborn weeks, the Kiddopotamus also works well.

+ A great diaper bag - We purchased this Timi & Leslie diaper bag set for Liam two and a half years ago and it still looks nearly brand new. I love that I'll continue to use it after we have babies because it just looks like a stylish bag.

+ "You just had a baby." - I've loved Ashlee's blog for a long time, but this post takes the cake. If you've just had a baby, you need to read this. Twice.


  1. Hope you guys are making it through! Love the sweet picture of your two together!

  2. Three things :)

    1. Mastitis...ouch! That is so miserable! I remember dealing with it with my first child and telling my husband that I would rather go through childbirth again than the fever, aches, and rock-hard boobs. With my second baby, I found that using Lavender and Frankincense (diluted with CO) on site really helped reduce the pain, swelling, and infection. I never got it as bad after that because I could always "attack" the mastitis before it caught hold. Such a huge difference!

    2. Peaceful Portofino!!! I just ordered mine last week, and it arrived on Monday! I love it. So, so, pretty! It took me a while to find an Ergo that I thought was pretty and my husband agreed to let me carry our boy in ;-) Thank goodness for blue+flowers.

    3. Welcome back from that beautiful fog. No rush! We're all here when you feel like taking your eyes off that soft, sweet little beauty.

  3. You amaze me. And I got mastitis with O. So crappy. Hope it's on the mend sis. I love you!


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