Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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On Tuesday, I became that girl. The hugely pregnant one who cries at the doctor's office when he says, "I'm kind of shocked you're still pregnant... I really thought we'd see a baby by now." I know I looked like a hormonal mess (though nothing different than what he probably sees every day), but I'm just so ready to meet her. Ready to answer the many "Is she here yet?" texts with "YES!" and start the celebrating.

Thankfully, these extra days with just my little guy and no real plans have been the sweetest. Trips to the museum, to the library for dinosaur books, to Fresh Market for a "wittle tweat" of gummy peaches. (Oh, and a really botched haircut attempt on my part... sorry, buddy.) I wouldn't wish this time away for anything.

So we all continue to hang in limbo: the 39-week limbo that makes each day feel like a month, and ironically, the time with Liam that seems to zoom by.

My mom arrives on Monday and we're really hoping she arrives in the 6 days that Mom is here (or before would be great!). We covet your prayers for a safe and healthy birth.

As my friend Amy said, "I've rarely heard of a pleasant labor that was forced." So true. So we wait for her arrival. And as I tell her every morning, "Today would be a lovely day for a birthday!" I guess she'll let us know when she agrees.


  1. Whitney, I was SO there with Moriah. They made me schedule an induction, which I made for the LAST possible day my doctor would let me, with her comforting words "I've no doubt I'll see you Sunday when I'm on call"...Sunday rolled around, and the following Wednesday, and one induction and then emergency c-section later we met Moriah ;) Praying that this is NOT your route, and praying for you & your family during these next exciting weeks! Love, Melissa I.

  2. Hang in there! It is SO hard to wait! All 3 of mine were 9-11 days overdue. Every time I thought I would go crazy! I hope your sweetie arrives on time.


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