1 month with Lane Eliette.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dear Lane Eliette,

When the nurses at the hospital called you "feisty," I wasn't quite sure what they meant. To me, you seemed perfectly quiet, laid back, and content. A month in, though, I'd have to agree with them. While you still share many physical similarities to your big brother, you keep reminding me that you are very much your own person. You have your own opinions, your own preferences, and I can't parent you like a cookie cutter child. For example, Liam loved being swaddled and would go to sleep within seconds once we zipped it up. You, on the other hand, scream until your arms are free. Liam slept well and easily in his own bassinet or swing, not needing to be held all the time. You are most content nestled under the crook of my arm and you'd rather be held and cuddled than anything else.

And while your needs are specific, you're very easygoing in other ways. You don't seem to mind a little rough hugging from your brother, a handful of dinosaurs placed on your back while you sleep, or Liam's volume. (And when he calls you "Wanie girl," we all melt.)

You still have more hair than Liam ever did at this age, and a deeper complexion. You have big, bright eyes that I think will stay blue and that focus like you know exactly what I'm saying. When I look into your eyes - even from day one - I see a girl I believe will be wise. Oh how I pray that you are. If there's anything a woman needs while journeying through this world, it's a big dose of wisdom. I also have a feeling you'll be passionate and fiery in the best way, if your whirlwind birth is any indication at all.

My prayer for myself in these early days of being your mom is that I'll recognize and celebrate what makes you you. Because God made you unique, uniquely ours, and uniquely built to serve His Kingdom. I believe that fully.

Lanie, we can't wait to know you. Knowing your brother two years in makes us a little impatient for you to grow into your personality, but there's also a part of us that wants to slow things down so that we savor these sleepy newborn days even more.

I love you, angel girl,


  1. It sounds like our babies are kindred spirits! Ian is especially snuggly... and prefers to be in someone's arms (in a very particular position mind you) at all times. He also fights the swaddle with lots of wiggles and loud grunts and groans. Totally opposite from Isaac who was happy to be left alone and needed to be swaddled in order to sleep. So funny how different they can be! While I've become pretty great at comparing these two boys, your prayer has resonated deeply with me. May I remember Ian's unique and purposeful life each and every day.

    Liam really looks like your husband in that last picture!

  2. She is so sweet. Love that big brother is calling her 'wanie girl'...our Carter can't say Landry well at all so he just calls her by her middle name most of the time 'baby Kate' or just sissy.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful. Sleeping baby pictures melt my heart. Every single time.


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