Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2 months with Lane Eliette.

Lanie girl,

This month was a big one for you. We saw such a transformation in you that we never expected. For weeks and weeks, you've fit every description of a colicky baby. You'd cry for an hour or two each night before bed and we couldn't figure out what to do to help you. It broke our hearts. We'd feed you, burp you, swaddle you, unswaddle you, dance with you around the house, sing hymn after hymn, lie next to you and rub your back... just hoping and praying for relief. For us and for you.

But finally, just last week, we saw the beginnings of a breakthrough. I had been limiting my dairy intake but hadn't completely cut it out until a week ago. And you know what happened? You morphed into the baby we knew you could be. Mimi and Poppy were in town to witness your transformation from a very uncomfortable-all-the-time, red-faced baby to a much more smiley, pleasant girl. Praise Jesus! I will not touch butter or cheese or anything that comes from a cow for a very long time, I promise. We're all so much better without it. (Nights are still a different story, but your days are much happier.)

So it's really just in the past week or so that I've gotten to know the real you. The one that lights up when we sing her name. The one who focuses so intently on her brother as he romps around the room with dinosaurs in hand. The one who melts her grandparents' hearts (you'd do that even if you were screaming, though.) I couldn't believe how many smiling pictures I had to choose from on your two-month birthday. Too many to count!

My prayer for you this month is that you'd continue to blossom. My prayer for me this month is that I would continue to have patience for that process (especially for the sleeping through the night part). You've already helped me to draw closer to Jesus - often in exhausted desperation - and He has proven Himself to be our rest. Our strength. Our comfort. Our peace. I can't wait for you to know Him in those ways and so many more.

I love you, girlie,

Mimi and Poppy were here on your 2-month birthday!


  1. What a beautiful children and parents also :)

  2. Good for you for giving up dairy! Such a big sacrifice for a mama.

  3. As I was reading I was reminded of my first daughter. I too had a boy and then a girl :) My son had just turned two when she was born. She wasn't a fussy baby but she wasn't sleeping through the night. It seemed to get worse instead of better in that she wasn't even going to sleep. My husband was an assistant pastor and this ONE week it came to a head. She was 12 weeks old I believe. It was our Missions conference week which meant that we were at church every night for a week...late. I would start her bedtime routine around 10 and 5 hours later she would still be screaming. Like you, I tried everything. I was talking to a friend about her during the conference (she could probably tell I was barely able to stand up). That friend suggested giving my girl a warm bath with calming lavender baby shampoo right before bed. You better believe I tried it that night. It wasn't perfect but she cried less and was sleeping by 12 that night. SHE ALSO SLEPT 8 HOURS THROUGH THAT NIGHT. I was floored!!! I did it again the next night and she was asleep by 11 and slept until the same time the next day. She was born a month early so her adjusted age would've been 8 weeks :) I bathed her every night for probably 3 months but she slept through the night from then on. I figured I would mention it and you can decide if you think it'll help! It is hard with all the babies that come after the first...because you can no longer "sleep when they sleep." It does get better!

  4. She is a gorgeous little gal!! Those smiles are too sweet. I'm so glad you figured out the dairy thing...I know it must be really hard, but so worth it to make your girl a happy camper. Hopefully she will do better at night before long...sending prayers your way.