Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Overheard at dinner.

Last night, Shawn and I were recounting the events of the day when I mentioned that Liam had had a hard time welcoming some friends over to our house. For whatever reason, our usually very social little guy was just not in the mood to see people. When they arrived at the door, he said, "No friends!" and shut the door. (He eventually warmed up and had a great time.)

Shawn: Buddy, we should welcome our friends into our home because Jesus welcomed you into His home, even when you were a stranger. Even when you were His enemy!
Liam: Ohhh. Dat's amazing.

It is amazing, little love. The most amazing news you'll ever hear! We have no idea what the Lord is doing in your heart or what you understand, but we believe it's something magnificent.


  1. These are my very favorite kind of "mommy moments." My 21 month old has significant speech and developmental delay, but he seems to grasp prayer in a way that he doesn't other cognitive concepts. The other day, I was telling my husband about some behavioral issues that had cropped up and were new for us (pulling hair, hitting, throwing things, etc) that I think came out of frustration with his inability to use words to communicate with us. Dave said to Ephraim, "What can we do to help you through this, buddy?" and Ephraim looked right at him and folded his hands together the way we do when we pray. Took our breath away! Dave then said, "Oh, we can pray for you?" and Ephraim grinned and giggled and looked delighted. We then proceeded to pray together as a family right in that moment. I can't explain why a child who can't figure out which shape sorter piece goes in which hole knows that the best thing we can do as parents is pray for him--but I choose to believe that God is doing amazing work in our littles.