Photo wall.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Remember this post? And this empty wall? 
I asked your advice on how to fill it up, and finally finally got around to making it happen. Truth be told, I had lots of grand ideas about doing a photo ledge. But because of our crazy schedule recently and my need to just get something up on the wall, I nixed that idea and (much to Shawn's chagrin) just hung some photos without measuring anything. Thankfully, we love how it turned out!
Top left: A photo of NYC that Shawn took on our first visit there when we were "just friends."
Bottom left: A gorgeous print by Emily Jeffords that we're letting represent Tennessee.
Largest frame: A map of Raleigh.
Top right: A photo of the three of us (plus tiny Lanie in my belly) taken by Shawn's mom in Germany, just a few minutes from where Shawn grew up.
Under that: A photo of the Chicago skyline that I took while standing on the roof of my college dorm.
Bottom right: A black and white of Lanie in Shawn's hands.


  1. Your home has such great light! I love how you hang things without measuring too -- that's how I do it :) Looks great!

  2. Looks fantastic!! I think it has come together nicely.

  3. I know that view of Chicago! :) Also, Houghton roof is currently closed indefinitely! Isn't that sad? There would have to be quite a bit of construction done on it for it to be completely safe, and for now, they won't be doing those repairs any time soon. Glad you got to live there when it was still open! And I'm happy I got to go up there before it closed too!

    1. That is crazy! I had no idea. I lived on 10 North my first year and had the very best view. I'm glad you got to experience it!

  4. So sweet! It looks great and I love the little stories behind all of the art!


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