Soul resting.

Friday, May 8, 2015

After the past four months of not sleeping, Shawn and I were weary. Soul weary, even. The toll of exhaustion seeps into every crevice of life. So two weeks in Nashville with family and friends came at the perfect time.

Two weeks of handing babies off in the early morning to get an extra hour of sleep. 
Two weeks of not cooking one meal (pure luxury). 
Two weeks of doting grandparents who were, undoubtedly, exhausted but poured out every last drop of attention and adoration on two grandchildren who soaked it up.
Two weeks of watching the sun drop behind rolling Tennessee tree lines.
Two weeks of tromping down memory lane in all our favorite spots.
Two weeks of deep breaths and deep rest. 
We came back to Raleigh more whole than we left. We came back ready for this next season, a new season, which begins on Monday: the season in which I go back to work as a nurse. It's one we're really thankful for on many levels, but it's still a big transition for our family. 

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for lavishing rest on us. For these new parents of two, there couldn't have been a greater gift.


  1. Mmmm..."Soul Resting". Yes! That's the perfect way to put it! I need that too after the long weeks of Wheaton finals.

  2. Love that last picture! Grandparents are the best! :)

  3. Looks like you made it back to radnor! Are you reopening your shop or going back to nursing?

  4. These photos are so natural and they're priceless. And I'm so glad you got to rest - I hope you get to have more days like these. :)

  5. Love seeing pictures of your parents! I always thought you resembled your mom so much, but I see a lot of your dad in you too, now. Beautiful.

    Ah yes passing off early-morning risers to someone else to steal more sleep...there is nothing sweeter! :)


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