Catching up.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Or maybe just trying to catch my breath.

It's what the past 6 weeks have felt like since I've gone back to work as a nurse. If life with two kids ages 2 and under wasn't harried enough, we've added 30+ hours per week at the hospital and juggling childcare.

With that said, though, it's what feels best for our family in this season. I'm working at a wonderful local hospital and am loving the work, the mental stimulation (adult conversation!), and especially the mom I get to be when I get home. I'm able to be fully engaged at work, fully engaged at home. On top of that, we only need childcare a few times a month, the kids are able to stay at our house, and most of the hours I miss with them they're asleep anyway (I work 3pm to 11pm). God knew exactly what we needed when he gave me this position. The only hard part is how exhausting it all is. Much less stressful than working from home, but even more tiring. Don't get me wrong: some moms of little ones are totally successful having their businesses at home. It's just not me. At least not in this season. Going back to work outside our home has actually relieved a lot of stress.

Of course there are hard moments. When Liam sees me walking down the stairs in my scrubs and cries, "Mommy not go to the hospital. Not help sick people anymore." Events I have to miss because, "Sorry, I'm working." Mostly, though, this transition has been such a gift.


  1. I totally understand!! So well put. Very tired, but so happy! :) Love the action shot of jumping on the bed.

  2. Indeed they are growing FAST :)


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