5 months with Lane Eliette.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

 Dear Lanie Lou,

On the very last day of your fifth month, I decided it was about time to write a little update on you. You've grown and changed immensely this month and have really started to move. It's like one day we put you down on your back and you decided to not only flip right over, but get up on your hands and knees and start to rock. A few days later, you started scooting across the floor to whatever you wanted to get a hold of (usually one of Liam's favorite dinosaurs or books). And when we start to unstrap you from your carseat, you do a complete flip over your right shoulder to get out. You're feisty and active and playful and fearless and I adore that about you.

You're growing hair, thick and blonde, and it's coming in so evenly all the way around. You're learning to self soothe, and when it's time to sleep, you flip over onto your tummy and plop a thumb in your mouth and we watch you lay there quietly with your eyes open before you fall asleep. Never ever after your first three crazy hard months did we expect you to be so easy. Or such a delight.

Liam adores you. When you wake up from your nap, he's always the first to hear you and exclaim, "Wanie Lou is awake!" He bolts upstairs to your room, throws open the door, and yells, "Wanie! You're awake! You look so pretty! You sleep so good?" And then my heart melts into a puddle. You're still so tolerant of him, letting him basically wrestle you on the floor while you just smile and giggle.

You're the smiliest baby we've ever seen. One glance in your direction and your big blue eyes (just like your mom) turn to happy squints (just like your dad). You also have lots to say, especially when you're alone and Liam is away.

We are smitten with you, Lane Eliette. We can't wait to see what our gracious God has in store for your life. You've already blessed us in ways we never thought imaginable.



  1. She is just adorable!! :) She looks like she is sitting up on her own really well too! Why must this all happen so fast!?!

  2. AWE so PRECIOUS!!! WOW 5 months already :)


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