9 months with Lane Eliette.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dear Lanie,

It's Fall, Lou! It's your family's favorite season of the year, and your first one outside the womb. So far, you've eaten pumpkin baby food, played in leaves (and put a few in your mouth), sported leather moccasins, and now, worn a plaid scarf. Your Fall 2015 baby bucket list is nearly complete.

This month, you're becoming more and more social. You've started waving to neighbors and friends on our walks. You say, "Mamamama!" when I enter your room in the morning. And when I brought you into a church service last week and you saw your dad singing on stage, you yelled, "DADDA?" and the whole row in front of us turned and smiled. 

You smile constantly. Seriously, we thought we'd met the happiest baby in Liam two years ago, but you've marched right up there with him. Speaking of Liam, you've started to speak your mind about him. You're always thrilled to see him, but when he takes something from you, you shriek and then you pout. If Mommy or Daddy take something from you, you don't even seem to mind. 

You abhor diaper changes and try to flip over and crawl away. You also don't love eating avocado, but there's no other food you've met and didn't like. We just started to feel a tiny tooth on the bottom poke through, but you've barely missed a beat. You sleep 13 hours a night and take two solid naps during the day and we thank you for that, from the bottom of our hearts.

We couldn't ask for a sweeter, more beautiful girl. You are beyond precious to us. 


PS - Your 7 and 8 month updates coming soon. 

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