Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Because I don't want to forget... 

From the day she arrived, Liam has adored Lanie. He hasn't always been gentle (actually, he's rarely gentle), but at the first hint of someone else or something else hurting Lanie, his world comes crashing down. If she's in pain, so is he. We hear, "My poor Lou!" when she's fussing in her bed. When she wakes up in the morning, he bounds up the stairs to her room, swings open the door, and says, "HI LOU! ARE YOU AWAKE?" at full volume. He gets offended if we call her, "My Lanie." "No, Mommy, she 'longs to me."

From the day she arrived, Lanie has adored Liam right back. She hears him zooming by and cranes her neck to watch his every step. She tolerates his wrestling. (She does not tolerate having toys taken from her, which is hilarious to watch.)

Having siblings in the house is far more magical and fun and difficult and precious than I imagined it would be.


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