Tuesday, December 1, 2015

With the help of both grandmas in town (one from Tennessee, the other from Germany), we had the sweetest party celebrating our newly 3-year-old boy. The theme was, quite clearly, dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that Liam is absolutely passionate about.

And we are absolutely passionate about Liam. He is so full of life: joy just exudes from him. He is opinionated, articulate (he has been correctly using the word "versatile" in a sentence recently), compassionate, and loving. His intelligence scares me a little and he's certainly a challenge, but he's ours, and we are up for that challenge. 

On the morning of his birthday, I told Liam the (edited) story of his birth. How Daddy and I weren't sure if he was coming, but we hopped in the car in the late hours of the night and headed to the hospital just in case. How we hit a speed bump just as we entered the hospital parking lot and my water broke all over the seat. How I walked into the hospital and everyone knew our baby was on his way and we wouldn't be leaving without him. How the moment I held him, I felt like I had known him all my life. 

Liam, I didn't think it possible to love you any wider or deeper than I did three years ago. But you've dug an even deeper hole in my heart and I know my love for you will continue to grow roots and shoots. I pray that this year, you understand Jesus' love for you and how it far surpasses how much Mommy or Daddy could ever love you. You are our treasure.

I'm crazy about you, my little man,

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  1. How can he already be 3?? Oh my. Happy Birthday Liam! I so admire the creativity of the party, and also always love hearing your mama heart in your letters to your kids!


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