One year with Lane Eliette.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Lane Eliette,

One year of you. That's hard to swallow, but at the same time, it's hard to imagine life before you. After your first few difficult months that we thought we'd never survive, you've become our dream baby. Our miracle. Our joy. You sleep for 13 hours at night, nap once or twice a day (depending on what our schedule allows), and are generally always smiling and babbling. When you get sleepy, you lay your head on our shoulder, plop a thumb in your mouth, and say, "Nigh nigh" in your raspy little voice. With your long fingers, your deep blue eyes, your Daddy's olive-toned skin... you've captivated us. You've developed a host of nicknames this past year: Lanie Lou, Lulu, and now Louie. Liam calls you "my girl" or "Lou" most often.

You are petite with one exception: your plump, round belly. You'll eat anything: a scrambled egg, an avocado, a third of my Chipotle bowl. You aren't picky in the least (at least not yet!) and you're always disappointed when the meal is over.

One year ago on this day, your Daddy and I spent a few moments in the morning praying that you'd arrive on January 8, one week before your actual due date. By this time in the afternoon, I was losing faith. I hadn't felt a single contraction all day and thought for sure you'd stay tucked inside until well past your due date. When Liam and I headed to the children's museum that evening, we had no idea you'd make your grand entrance two hours later. Your whirlwind first year has been a little like your whirlwind birth: surprising, exhausting, exhilarating.

Your middle name means "my God has answered," and this year, that has been our theme. God has given Mommy a new job that has been an absolute gift. He's given Daddy new responsibility and new songs. But mostly, He's given us you. What we ever did without you, I'll never know.

We love you so,

Mom (and Dad and Liam)


  1. Happy Birthday Lanie! You share a birthday with my husband who turned 30 this year!

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