Heaven, in Liam's words.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yesterday while Lanie napped, Liam and I played tea party in the living room. He served strawberry tea and we talked of Heaven. I admitted that Mommy's heart has been heavy lately because of how broken and sad our world is, but that we have great joy ahead if we trust in Jesus because he has promised to make all things new! All the sad things will become untrue. All the broken things will be mended. 
When I talk about Heaven with Liam, I want him to know it's a real place. Though it's better than the grandest fairytale, it isn't fiction. And for the first time, it seemed to finally click. Liam began to picture our future and wrap words around it. Poetic words. He imagined all the sad and scary and wrong being made right and whole again by Jesus himself. I sat behind my camera and cried because his words brought such peace to my fearful heart. Here's what he said: 
"So in Heaven... hippos won't growl at you? And owls will not swoop at you? And when you touch a light bulb, you won't be burned? And pirates won't be mean? And water will be soft like a blanket? And trains will stay on their track? And snapping turtles will obey? And dinosaurs will know God? And mosquitos won't bite you? And I can bring my helicopters and my Lightning McQueen? And I won't have to take a rest time? And the best part is that Jesus will be there and we can talk to him? I want to go to that country and live there." - Liam, age 3.5
 Oh Liam, I want to go there too! Your faith bolsters mine in deeper ways than you know.


  1. Oh my heart!! “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Mark‬ ‭10:15‬ ‭ Thank you for sharing your life and faith with us.

  2. Oh this just warms my heart!! And this is why I love Children's Ministry - the way kids "get" things is the best. Thank you for continuing to live out your faith and ministry with your family and in your home. It's beautiful.

    - Claire (in my final semester as a Moody student! Wow!)

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  4. I love your post and I love how he's soaking up everything you are teaching him!

    May I be nosy and ask where you got Liam's tea set? I was hoping to get one for my daughter's third birthday but I am not real excited about the ugly plastic versions I've been finding at the stores. This one that Liam has looks pretty and perfect!


  5. Allison, Thank you! The tea set was a gift, but I'm pretty sure it was thrifted. Wish I had a more accessible source to share! Maybe Craigslist?


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